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Containing group: Porifera


Dohrmann, M., O. Voigt, D. Erpenbeck and G. Wörheide. 2006. Non-monophyly of most supraspecific taxa of calcareous sponges (Porifera, Calcarea) revealed by increased taxon sampling and partitioned Bayesian analysis of ribosomal DNA. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 40(3):830-843.

Koziol, C., S. P. Leys, I. M. Müller, and W. E. G. Müller. 1997. Cloning of Hsp70 genes from the marine sponges Sycon raphanus (Calcarea) and Rhabdocalyptus dawsoni (Hexactinellida). An approach to solve the phylogeny of sponges . Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 62:581-592.

Manuel, M., C. Borchiellini, E. Alivon, Y. Le Parco, J. Vacelet, and N. Boury-Esnault. 2003. Phylogeny and evolution of calcareous sponges: monophyly of calcinea and Calcaronea, high levels of morphological homoplasy, and the primitive nature of axial symmetry. Systematic Biology 52:311-333.

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Scientific Name Clathrina
Location Australia, Reef #2, Great Barrier Reef
Creator Dr. Robert Ricker, NOAA/NOS/ORR
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Source rikr0049, NOAA's Coral Kingdom Collection
Source Collection NOAA Photo Library
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