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Pseudopirsonia Kühn, Medlin & Eller 2004

Pseudopirsonia mucosa (Drebes 1996) Kühn & Eller 2004

David Bass, Tom Cavalier-Smith, and Chitchai Chantangsi
Containing group: Novel Clade 1: Pseudopirsonia, Auranticordis


Obligate parasitoid nanoflagellate that preys on marine diatoms. Cell with apical “nose”, two medianly inserted flagella; feeds by means of a trophosome; dividing auxosomes are globular and covered by a mucilaginous coat, frequently with adhering bacteria; movement gliding rather than swimming, feeds on the diatoms Rhizosolenia imbricata, R. setigera, Leptocylindrus danicus, Guinardia delicatula and G. flaccida.
With one species: Pseudopirsonia mucosa (Drebes) Kühn & Eller
Basionym: Pirsonia mucosa DREBES 1996, Helgoländer Meeresunters 50; P. 219, Figure 6. (from Kühn et al. 2004)

Other Names for Pseudopirsonia mucosa (Drebes 1996) Kühn & Eller 2004


Kühn SF, Drebes G, Schnepf E (1996) Five new species of the nanoflagellate Pirsonia in the German Bight, North Sea, feeding on planktonic diatoms. Helgoländer Meeresunters 50: 205–222.

Kühn SF, Medlin LK, Eller G (2004) Phylogenetic position of the parasitoid nanoflagellate Pirsonia inferred from nuclear-encoded small subunit ribosomal DNA and a description of Pseudopirsonia n. gen. and Pseudopirsonia mucosa (Drebes) comb. nov. Protist 155: 143-156.

Schnepf E, Drebes G, Elbrächter M (1990) Pirsonia guinardiae, gen. et spec. nov.: A parasitic flagellate on the marine diatom Guinardia flaccida with an unusual mode of food uptake. Helgoländer Meeresunters 44: 275–293.

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Pseudopirsonia mucosa

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